Translation agency JOHO, in Tokyo, Japan

Translator Recruitment

Our company is currently seeking freelance translators.

We are looking for experienced translators with expertise in particular fields and a strong interest in pursuing translation work.
For those who meet the following prerequisites, we will be pleased to review your application.


1. Translators who are fluent in English or other languages and are able to translate to or from Japanese.
2. Translators who are fluent in languages other than English and are able to translate to or from English.
3. Translators who are experienced and efficient. We do not accept applications from those with very little experience who would simply like to improve their translation abilities.
4. Those who can maintain a line of contact with JOHO through their computer or e-mail.
5. Those who can provide as much personal information as possible and sign a nondisclosure agreement with JOHO.
6. Those not living in Japan can apply to be a freelance translator at JOHO. We offer payments through financial institutions in Japan and PayPal.

Field of Translation

1. Technical, Patent (Engineering, Electrical Science, Chemistry. Physics. Architecture, Others)
2. Medical Science, Pharmaceutical, Pharmacology
3. Contracts, Legal
4. IT, Software
5. Dissertation (Human Science, Social Science, Natural Science)
6. English Proofreading (Revision, Native Check)
6. Others (Describe the field.)
The translation experienced person of the thesis and the patent must describe the field.

Application Procedure

1. Send your Application Form to: career*(→@)
2. Upon initial application by e-mail, please indicate your native and translating languages along with expertise fields in the subject field (Ex: Application for English to French, Financial translator). We will then get back to you with a trial translation.

Translation Manager : Nishi
ONE PLANET, Inc.       4-20-3 Touei Jingu-gaien BLDG.
Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0051 Japan
E-mail : eng(a)
*Please replace "(a)" with “@“.
Tel +81-3-6447-0298, Fax +81-3-4330-1117

4-20-3 Touei Jingu-gaien BLDG. Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 151-0051 Japan

Mail to JOHO

10:00 - 18:00  ( J a p a n  t i m e )

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