JOHO Multilingual Translation Services

Field of translation

The crucial points of translation lie in accuracy as well as natural wording.
JOHO offers translation services in all fields.
We employ native speakers of the target language with medical, legal backgrounds etc for accurate and natural sounding translations.

  • General Documents

    General Documents

    Formal and official letters etc.

  • Economic Documents

    Economic Documents

    Documents related to overseas news, finance, and trade, marketing, presentation materials, etc.

  • Legal Documents

    Legal Documents

    Contracts, rental agreements (individual and company), liens, marriage licenses and diplomas, etc.

  • Technological Documents

    Technological Documents

    Manuals, patent specifications, technical documents, technological material, and theses, etc.

  • Medical Documents

    Medical Documents

    Reports for insurance, medical equipment manuals, speech manuscripts, medical certificates, and medical materials, etc.

  • Documents for Printed Materials

    Documents for Printed Materials

    Publications, handbills, advertisements, multilingual homepage, and multilingual pamphlets, etc.

Translation Prices

We offer reasonable prices for each translation
starting from a minimum fee of 8,000 JPY.

  • Price List

    English to Japanese 800 JPY-1,500 JPY/100 words
    Japanese to English 1,000 JPY-1,800 JPY/100 characters
    -Proofreading by Native speaker included

  • Large Quantity Discount

    Translation fees 30,000 JPY or higher: 10%
    Translation fees 100,000 JPY or higher: 20%
    Translation fees 200,000 JPY or higher: 25%

-We also offer audio translation services for each language. For more information on prices, refer to Audio/Video Translation section of the Translation Price List page.

Available payment methods: Bank transfer, credit card.

-The payee’s bank account is stated in bank transfer. For payment by credit card, please use the payment by credit card function in each page.

-All listed prices exclude tax.


Languages List

Translation agency JOHO offers translation services in the following 25 languages.

North America English (for U.S., Canada)
Western Europe English (Britain) French, German, Italian, Portugal, Spanish
East Europe Czech, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian
Scandinavia Danish, Finnish, Swedish
Latin America Spanish (Mexico and Argentina, etc.) and Portuguese (Brazil)
The Middle East Arabic
Asia and the Pacific Ocean English (Australia and New Zealand), Korean, Chinese, Formosan, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese