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Translation Certificate
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* Translation Certificate include the name of this company, the address, telephone number. It contains the company’s seal.
* Notary service is currently not available.

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Handling of Personal Information

The personal information and attached files (Personal Information) of those who use this Estimate Form (Clients) shall be handled under the regulations stipulated in JOHO’s Privacy Policy and this Handling of Personal Information section.

1. Name of entity handling Personal Information
2. Name of person responsible for protecting Personal Information
Ryosuke Shimomai
3. Purpose and period of holding Personal Information
  • 1. We hold Personal Information in order to contact Clients.
  • 2. Attached files are held as documents for estimates and at the time of translation orders. These files are disposed of the following month after one month passes from requesting an estimate and the following month after one month passes from delivery of translation when an order is placed.
4. JOHO will not disclose or provide the Personal Information of the Client to a third party except in the following cases.
  • 1. When it is necessary to protect the life, health or assets of a person and receiving consent is difficult.
  • 2. When ordered to provide the Personal Information based on laws from a legal institution, administrative body, etc.
  • 3. When providing Personal Information through merger, split-up or transfer of business carried out by JOHO.
  • 4. When contracting another company with partial business contact information such as e-mail server administration.
5. We accept requests such as disclosing, revising, adding, deleting or stopping usage of Personal Information of Clients who make such requests based on our regulations. Refer to the following "9. Contact Information" for inquiries.
6. Providing JOHO with Personal Information is voluntary. Not providing JOHO with sufficient information may cause JOHO to not be able to contact the Client or delayed contact.
7. JOHO takes necessary and proper measures to prevent the leakage, loss or damage as well as to make corrections and safely manage the Personal Information provided to us by the Client.
8. We do not acquire Personal Information using methods in which Clients are not easily aware that we are receiving such information such as using cookies or web beacons.
9. Contact the following to make requests such as disclosing, revising or deleting of Personal Information or if you have any questions.
ONE PLANET, Inc. Translation Manager Kenji Nishi (+81-3-6447-0298)

Go to the confirmation form after agreeing to the Handling of Personal Information.

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